Dr. KM Cherian Institute of Medical Sciences is a super speciality hospital located in Kerala which is a state in South India. We are a group of professionals and entrepreneurs operating under the leadership of Mr. P M Sebastian, who is a UAE based industrialist and healthcare entrepreneur. Our clinical leadership is provided by world renowned Cardiac Surgeon, Padmasree Dr. KM Cherian

Our hospital is situated in Kallissery which is 3 kilometres from the City of Chengannur and 1.2 kilometre from the State Highway (SH1), popularly known as MC Road. Chengannur is located in the eastern part of Alappuzha District. Our hospital site encompasses 5.5 acres of land adjacent to the historic Pamba River which is the third longest river in the state of Kerala.


We strive towards providing affordable tertiary level patient care in a high volume based setting.


Continual development of subspecialties to deliver multi-specialty treatments via patient-physician and physician-physician communication.


  • Dr.KM Cherian Institute of Medical Sciences is committed to providing fair, uniform, and quality health care to patients.
  • We strive to identify and meet the needs of the patients, clinicians, and staff to establish continual development of our subspecialties.
  • We will fulfil our purpose of providing quality healthcare services by:
    • Providing uniform patient care and treatment using evidence-based medicine for excellent clinical outcomes.
    • Knowledge enhancement of our staff, patients and clinicians.
    • Providing excellent customer service & compliance with statutory regulations
    • Continual improvement of the quality system to deliver the benefits of the treatment to the patients.